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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So...I think we are set to end our reading on Dec 30 instead of the 31st.  Am I retarded??  Well, this is actually good, gives us a few buffer pages!!  Not many, but a few!!  I was really sick over the weekend and got behind, but I finally caught back up tonight.  Can you believe we are into Helaman?

I am teaching a Relief Society lesson in January about this reading challenge, and I'd love to use any of your quotes/comments or special experiences you have to share with me.  Let me know if you have anything to share.... I'm looking for ways the Book of Mormon has brought you peace and a stronger desire to love and serve our Savior.  Thank you!

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Stop and smell the Daisies said...

This has been a good experience for me. I have not noticed MAJOR things, but I have noticed that I seem to be more ready to turn to the Lord and pray, for and about things that I haven't always thought to pray about. I have fallen to my knees more than I normally do. This has been a great source of peace and comfort when I have had trials, or even when I am full of gratitude. And, since the Book of Mormon teaches us that "the Spirit teaches a man to pray," I guess that means that I am feeling the Spirit more.
I think, sometimes, that I expect things to be effortless when the Spirit is leading me, but doing the right thing and listening to the promptings of the Spirit still take a lot of effort. I have actually been realizing how much the Spirit guides me, especially in the little things, more by what I DON'T heed than by what I do heed. Little things like feeling the impression when I put my baby down for a nap that I should take my son's snow boots out of the room before I close the door...I don't take them out and, of course, he decides he needs his boots and goes in and wakes her up. If I had listened to that simple prompting, my life (and my baby's nap) would have gone a lot smoother.
This may seem simplistid, but I am just recognizing that the "Gift of the Holy Ghost" really is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Not only will he prompt us in emergencies, but he will also whisper to us in our everyday little things...remind us of things, suggest helpful ideas, which, if we will listen and act on, our lives will be blessed...even in small ways...
By Small and Simple Things...